Friday, February 7, 2020

Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managment - Essay Example I am of the view that there must be efforts in place to counter the short-sightedness which is apparent in the working methodologies of the medics and staff and this must not be taken for granted since a lot of advancement has already been made in the said field and it would not be wrong if the same is applied to the field of my corporation for which I will be the manager. I will take care of the food and nutrition under my hold and guarantee that no such shortcoming could be expected from the people who would work under me as well as my own self. There will be zero tolerance as far as quality of food and nutrition is concerned and only 100% genuine and fresh quality products would be entertained while all others would be simply discarded off the table. Thus I would set proper measures as far as food and related undertakings are concerned. I would make it mandatory for all the staff related directly or indirectly with food within the organization to wash their hands thoroughly before they enter the premises. This would ignite a sense of cleanliness within them and our working regimes would be instilled with the best possible safety levels undoubtedly. I will make sure that these rules are followed to the core and there is no aspect of straying from the set rules under any situation whatsoever. Thus I plan to incorporate a plan of action as soon as I take charge in the capacity of manager which would guarantee that cleanliness and hygiene remains at the fore front of all food related activities. This would be attached with heavy fines, punishments and even suspensions from duty if adhering to the rules seem to be a problem for the staff. In essence, I plan to set such an environment which will get the ball rolling in the right direction. Safety and hygiene would continue to be taken in the most important stead within the organization and this would essentially change the related basis of safety and health system which is prevalent at the very moment. All my

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